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DR, (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is the state-owned Danish media company which issues news, culture, entertainment and information via television, radio, internet and mobile platforms. DR is a Public Service media provider with broad coverage and audience connection.

As creative team leader Masoud directed the visual re-shaping of DR including its subbrands of DR1 and DR2 and their most important productions; TV Avisen and Deadline – the two leading national news programmes. The design work included both graphics and motion graphics for the areas connected with television work. The result was a series of stunning award winning designs that are still setting the standard for the world of television communication.
Masoud’s primary focus of the design work, was to maintain, invite and entertain the viewers in order for them to remain watching the channel in between the programs and at the same time send the desired brand signals.
DR1 represents the values of the majority of the Danish people and, in a design context, it should embrace and meet the audience at eye level, with care and respect. The graphics aired between the programs set a tone for the entire portfolio of the channel and invites its audience to participate.

The project also included a re-branding of DR2, the sister channel of DR1. DR2 is a “niche channel” that addresses itself to a more dedicated and critical audience.
Being the counterpart to the red/orange public and emotional DR1, DR2 wishes to appear as blue and analyzing, thus appealing to a more intellectual market. He used this fundamental conception when developing their visual expression.