Front Nordic


We are Front Nordic

A dedicated and passionate design agency, with our roots in “Northern Thinking”.

Kira Snowman

Architect Maa, Exhibition Designer, Concept Director
+45 2624 9094

Plejeltvej 9A
3100 Hornbæk

Masoud Alavi

Graphics Designer Mdd, User Experience Designer, Concept Director
+45 2829 8888

Marmorvej 9C 1. th
2100 Copenhagen

It is our nature to ask deep questions and draw simple lines.

We are creative strategists. Our approach is to find the paths that connect brands and identities to human experiences. These connections benefit people and businesses while ultimately enriching brands and lives.

For us, design is about creating a dialogue, a relationship – a story. With humility we believe that identity should be gentle but with great personality.

The Nordic environment that surrounds us shapes our design. The Nordic environment is always part of the unique story that we create. That´s why we are Front Nordic.

Each of us is responsible in our respective fields. When we collaborate, we provide an interdisciplinary offering. We bring this interdisciplinary offering with our expertise in strategy, physical spaces, brand, design, and digital.

We strive to achieve timeless, thoughtful results

We do

Front Nordic WE DO

We create unique brand experiences with a particular focus on products, identities, environments and digital solutions.

We believe that a strong combination between creativity and strategic understanding, makes the right foundation for a clear concept and the best design result.

We always use experiments for good reasons in our work, to serve our clients´ best interest.

Our method

The model we use are a mindset. a mindset that we apply in any scenario where innovation or thinking differently is required.

— We empathise – with your users

— We define – your users’ needs, their problem, and your insights

— We ideate – by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions

— We prototype – to start creating solutions

— We test – to find the right solutions

— We implement – vision to reality

Clients / Partial List



Copenhagen International School

Danish Film Institute

Danish Ministry Of Health

Danmarks Design skole



DR / Danish Broadcasting Corporation

DTU / Technical University of Denmark




Folketinget / Danish Parliament

Happy Channel / China


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Maersk Tankers



Novi Attorneys

Novy / Ukraine


Promax BDA World

SAM Productions


SCKK / The Centre for Development of Human Resources and Quality Management

SVK / Danish Art Workshops

Tele Club / Switzerland


TV2 Denmark

TV2 Norge



Viltoft Attorneys

Voldgiftsnævnet / Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board



Videographer Awards – USA – Award of Excellence in ‘Corporate Image’. / Videographer Awards – USA – Award of Excellence in ‘Company Overview’. / Summit Creative Award – USA – Silver in ‘Corporate Image’. / Hermes Creative Awards – USA – Platin in ‘Corporate Image’. / Hermes Creative Awards – USA – Gold in ‘Corporate Image’. / Telly Award – USA – ‘best film’ awards in ‘Corporate Image’. / Telly Award – USA – ‘best film’ awards in ‘Corporate Image’. / Telly Award – USA – ‘best film’ awards in ‘Public Relations’. / Winner of 1st Place – Gold Camera – U.S. International Film & Video Festival – Corporate Films. / Telly Award – USA – Global Networking – Corporate Films. / Promax BDA World – New York – Gold Tele Club – Relaunch – Brand Identity. / Promax BDA World – New York – Gold Novy Channel – Brand Identity. / Promax BDA World – New York – Silver DR1 News – new brand identity. / MCA Awards Craft Awards Best Grafik Widex Senso Diva.

The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete