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Front Nordic
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The Blue Denmark

The approx. 100 Danish shipping companies along with shipyards and maritime suppliers form the core of The Blue Denmark. About 100.000 people in Denmark work in the maritime profession and the companies associated with The Blue Denmark have offices in all parts of the world.

About the project

The Blue Denmark is a term used for all maritime companies and professions in Denmark, such as: The shipping companies, ship yards, industry suppliers, off shore companies, educational institutions and authorities – all together the most successful and globalised profession in Denmark.

The Blue Denmark The Blue Denmark The Blue Denmark The Blue Denmark

The Result

Front Nordic have been asked to create motion graphics for the corporate film “The Blue Denmark” as well as the Art Direction for The Danish Shipowners’ Assosiation.
“The Blue Denmark” was made for The Danish Shipowners’ Assosiation, Danish Maritime, Maritime Development Center of Europe and Danish Maritime Authority – produced by Citizen Dane.


1) Winner of Telly Award ‘best film’ in ‘Corporate Image’.
2) Winner of 1st Place Gold Camera.

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