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"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Passionate Curiosity
We continually explore and understand
We bring ideas and opportunities together in ways that are not initially obvious
Objectivity and Self Awareness
We assess ourselves and our work, and view ourselves through the eyes of others with a realistic understanding of our capabilities
Effective Storytelling
We fold and translate our ideas into the priorities of the client or organization
Business Acumen
Create value in markets. We understand what role design can play to bring an advantage to our clients
Global Awareness
We understand how changes around the world affect customers and markets
We Do
+ Concept
+ Visual Strategy
+ Naming
+ Text
+ Human–computer interaction (HCI)
+ User Experience (UX)
+ Information architecture
+ Media training
+ Idea Making
+ Design Implementation
+ Updates / Adjustments
+ Problem Solving
+ Fire Fighting
The most important facets of a successful creative process are dialogue and discussion. We work closely with you, your company and your target audiences to generate solutions tailored to address specific needs and goals. Data collection combined with visual research and personal expertise, generate unique solutions tailored for you needs and goals.

After the launch of a project we offer a long-term consultancy, analyzing the results for further updates and maintenance. Whether through staff training, dedicated phone support or a wide range of production services, we ensure that you are able to implement and maintain your design to the best possible standard.
Crisp Communication
We assess ourselves and our work, and view ourselves through the eyes of others with a realistic understanding of our capabilities
Flawless Execution
We get things done. We work cross-functional to advance designs and shepherd them through to production-every step of the way
We bring ideas and designs to the table that are relevant by considering current economic, social and business trends
We Do
+ Logo
+ Visual identity
+ Website
+ Applications
+ Editorial
+ Packaging
+ Signage
+ Motion Graphics
+ Environmental Branding
+ Applications
+ Print production
+ Corporate film
We begin the design process by thoroughly understanding who you are, what’s unique about you and what you want to communicate.

Once the design is approved, we offer production consulting, supervision and delivery of the final product. We develop all of our projects using the latest standards and believe that accessibility is as important as the design and practice progressive enhancement at all times.

Our Network is our most valuable asset.

Our core team is complimented by an established network of talented creatives, including photographers, copywriters, developers, 3D artists and animators. This invaluable resource enables us to provide a fully holistic service that fulfils all of our clients needs as well as remaining competitively priced.

If you are interested in a new project or collaboration, we’d love to hear from you.
+45 2829 8888

Clients / Partial List

Advokatsamfundet, Blu, Copenhagen International School, Danish Film Institute, Danish Ministry Of Health, Danmarks Design skole, Delta, DSB, DR / Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DTU / Technical University of Denmark, Egmont, Eksterbladet, Enter, Folketinget / Danish Parliament, Happy Channel / China, ISS, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Moderna, Novi Attorneys, Novy / Ukraine, OAO, Promax BDA World, SBS TV, SCKK / The Centre for Development of Human Resources and Quality Management, SVK / Danish Art Workshops, Tele Club / Switzerland, Tryg, TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norge, TV3, Viasat, Viltoft Attorneys, Voldgiftsnævnet / Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board, Widex.